The Vision

Hey Mother Truckers, here's a little bit about me.  I started in the trucking industry in 2000 as a broker and made my way into trucking to start operating my trucking business Sugar Creek Enterprises as a drayage company in 2011.  I also started Sugar Creek Transportation in 2014 to separate the companies between owner operators and company truckers.

In February 2018 I woke up in the middle of the night with this tremendous vision to help truckers by providing resources and support that will help them succeed.  I decided to call it Mother Trucker.  This is a  lifestyle brand for all truckers to help them learn about how to improve their lives. 

Let's face it, working 14 hours a day is grueling.  It's tough to keep your mind and body in tip top shape.  This is where I'm here to help.

I got together with a friend of mine who is a programmer and we created the platform that we now use with thousands of truck drivers to help them remain compliant, hire drivers, help drivers get jobs, offer insurance, create a comfortable apparel line, have an organic line of energy drinks and have a forum for truckers to be able to discuss issues of various kinds.

I am offering training and education opportunities for truckers through courses, coaching, blogs and social media. This can include everything from basic driving skills to advanced techniques for remaining compliant, navigating the roads and managing time and resources effectively.

In addition to training and education, I also plan to provide support services for truckers, such as access to maintenance and repair facilities, and a network of other truckers who can provide advice and support through our forum.

Another key component of my vision is to promote safety and compliance within the trucking industry. This means working closely with government agencies and industry groups to ensure that all truckers are operating in compliance with the latest regulations and standards.

Finally, I believe that by working together and supporting each other, we can help to create a stronger, more sustainable, healthy trucking industry for all. By sharing resources, knowledge, and best practices, we can help to ensure that all truckers have the tools and support they need to succeed and thrive in this challenging and rewarding field.

So, if you are a trucker looking for support and resources to help you succeed, I encourage you to reach out and connect with me and my company. Together, we can make a real difference in the trucking industry.

You can reach me on IG at monica.byers, or 

Remember to love what you you do Mother Truckers!

The Vision
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